Wishes for Starlight by Linda J Bettenay

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How does a deaf, orphaned, Noongar boy survive during the implementation of the 1905 Aborigines Act?... By having friends. Starlight is born in 1889 in the thriving timber town of Canning Mills. He is discovered in a chicken coop living with dogs. The three white children who find him are remarkable: headstrong Mary who was born into a dysfunctional family, the Italian immigrant Marco and fun loving Arthur. Gradually change arrives in their insulated lives; the friends confront reality- will their actions be enough to save those they love from harm? Set largely in Western Australia, "Wishes for Starlight' is a novel where friendship and loyalty are pitted against prejudice and disadvantage. It is a story about relationships, resilience and what equality and freedom really mean.
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Product Description
Completed and Unabridged
Narrated by Jim Limerick
Playing time 17 hours 2 minutes

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